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The Idaho FoodBank Fund

Food Distribution

 The Weekend Feeding Program is for children who have a food deficiencies and insecurities. To provide food for a weekend in a backpack for children to take home.  The Program promotes responsibility, stability, school attendance especially on Fridays.  The program helps improve the child’s ability to concentrate and learn in the classroom without worry about being hungry.

The Weekend Feeding Program is coordination with Caldwell School District.   We are currently running the program at Van Buren Elementary, Sacajawea Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Washington Elementary, Wilson Elementary, Lewis & Clark Elementary, Syringa Middle School, and Jefferson Middle School. ​

Weekend Feeding Program

Proverbs 19:17
“He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward him for what he has done.”

Proverbs 21:13

“If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.”

​The face of hunger will surprise you.
Hours of Distribution:
506 W. Simplot Blvd.
Caldwell, ID 83605
Every Wednesday 12 pm-2 pm
Hot Meal & Food Box
 Every Thursday 4 pm-6 pm
Food Box
Photo ID & Oasis Card needed every time

Food Center Building

Food Center Statistics

Individuals and Families can come to Oasis Food Center once a week on the days listed below. 

Individuals and Families may come every week to the Oasis
Food Center.   

The Oasis Food Center is a choice food pantry.
Below is the form needed for first time individuals and
families to the Oasis Food Center. Click the link and print out the form & fill out before coming to the Oasis Food Center.

Oasis Food Center Intake form
(click the box  below)

Oasis Food Center Card (1st card is free, all replacements cards are $5) and Photo ID is required (EVERY TIME) to receive services at the Oasis Food Center.


Reaching our community!

Thank you

John F. Nagel Foundation

Thank you

Crookham Seed Company

Thank you to all who help distribute food boxes and hot meals every week. 

A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped with the 2017 Thanksgiving dinner. We served 361  hot meals.
​​Thank you to John F. Nagel Foundation, the Walmart Foundation, Albertsons, Costco, Franz Bakery, Blue Barn Produce,  Idaho FoodBank,  Crockham Seed Company, Toys for Tots, the Whittenberger Foundation, The Idaho FoodBank Fund, Southwest Idaho Legacy Organization (Caldwell Community Foundation), Dakan Funeral Home, Caldwell Family Dentistry, Desert Springs Elementary 1st grade, Various Boy Scout Troops, Flahiff Funeral Chapels, DL Evans Bank, Chipotle  and numerous individuals & families for supporting the Oasis Food Center.
​​Partnerships with Southwest District Health and Alberstons Pharmacy.

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News & Articles:

Thank you

Whittenberger Foundation

June 2018

New Families115
Hot Meals367

2018 Total

(As of 7/05/18)

New Families782
Hot Meals2,543

2017 Total
(Year to Date)

New Families1,528
Hot Meals4,957