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Intimate Relationship

Are we constantly pursuing the Lord God or are seeking what He can do for us?  The Israelites were crying out to the Lord when they were in Egypt and the Lord brought supernatural deliverance from bondage along with provisions that made them debt free.  They did not seek after a relationship with the Lord, they wanted Moses to spend time with the Lord in an intimate relationship and for him to just announce what the Lord spoke. They were truly only interested in what the Lord could do for them or what He could provide for them, not that intimate relationship.

 There are many individuals today who are only concerned about the Lord can do for them.  If He does not perform according to their plan and timing, they become upset with the Lord and some even walk away.  They do not have an intimate relationship nor fellowship with the Lord.  Many individuals in the New Testament followed Jesus not to truly know Him but only for what He could do for them. John 6:26 (NLT) “Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, you want to be with me because I fed you, not because you understood the miraculous signs.”  They wanted to be around Jesus only because of what He gave them materially.  They only desired material satisfaction not have faith in Him for eternal life.  Too many people are focused on their earthly material needs.  We need to examine our motives and make sure we have faith in Him, and an intimate relationship.



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